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About company

DACOMM company was established in year 1994. After two years of preparings and marketing research, the company has specialized for ceramic works and ceramics sale. Dacomm company is currently employing 21 workers. With our flexible labor force we do bussines in Slovenia and Croatia. On buyers request we can deliver materials, mainly from Italy, Spain, and Gearmany, which we also install into the building.

In 2005 we moved company headquarters from Novo mesto to Grosuplje. Due to good work results and even better predictions for the future business, we also established our own exhibition place. There we can present new materials and ceramic laying technologies to buyers, investors and architects.

In Dacomm company we are giving a big importance to knowledge and experience expansion, of which source are Slovenian and foreing suppliers, design engineers, architects and other professionals. Because ceramic technology improves quickly, we are constantly upgrading our knowledge so we can keep up with new advance trends.

We are aware that it is important to cooperate with other experts, because only with common interests we are able to avoid situations when e.g. idea realisation exceeds investors abilities. With the help of our experts, we consider investors needs, and try to approach his wishes and architects outlines as much as possible. Often it is necessary to make compromises and to choose best-optimal solution. Good cooperation between investor, architect and performer is for us always most important.

In year 2006 Institute for research of materials (ZRMK - Zavoda za raziskavo materialov) gived our company the Sign of quality (Znak kakovosti), for our experiences on field of ceramic works and technology connected with ceramic materials.


DACOMM services and trading d.o.o. ( shortened name: DACOMM d.o.o. )
Cikava 50a

Tax number: SI31300588
Identification number: 5856647
Registration number: 061/14229400

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