Dacomm Keramika \ polaganje keramike, mozaiki, bazenska keramika, keramicarstvo

History and use of ceramic coatings

History of ceramic coatings reaches far back in time. In the past the floors and walls sheathed with mosaics and stones were the domain of the rich population. Because of high cost of solid stone coating production and necessary sources, stone coatings where inastalled only into buildings of high importance. The search for better and cheaper alternatives, led to substitute of stone - coatings made of burned clay. Such building technique was practically still unreachable to average person. Untill recent times, he could only met it in religious buildings and government palaces.

Alternative method that was uniting modular manner and at the same time strenght of top layer, was the mosaic. We can find the oldest specimens of mosaics from particles of stones in town Gordio in western Asia Minor, which was at that time populated by the Greeks. Later in the 1 st century a.c. in town Olintos in Greece we can already find pattern made motives of Greek mythology, made from tiny shingle in natural colours from white to black. Ancient Romans were real masters in this tecnology and still today we can admire their mosaics from porcelained ceramic.

Eventualy the need for permanent and lasting coatings, such as ceramic tiles, has increased and the methods of making were simplified and improved. That is how this beautiful and practically »eternal« deposit came too home of an average person.

Ceramic coating is becoming more and more popular, because it is relatively favourable considering its usability. It has highly aesthetic value, and we can choose between unlimited possibilities of samples and combinations. Its best characteristic is exeptional practicality of maintenance and almost unlimited durability.

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